mihaela andreea andrei

‘Inspiration is like a wayward muse’: An Interview with Fashion Designer Isabelle Vijiac

From the start, fashion designer Isabelle Vijiiac proved that bringing together simplicity, contemporarry design and experimental forms makes for huge succes in Romanian fashion industry. Her line built on her signature aesthetic of bold, dreamy colors and stunning proportions creating feminine, classic and sexy designs. Isabelle’s dresses have become her […]

Summer Polaroids by Mihaela Andreea Andrei

Romanian photographer Mihaela Andreea Andrei has shared her latest work with Cultartes: “Summer Polaroids“. Mihaela Andreea is known to create hazy, dream-like portraits that demonstrate the extent to which instant film can be pushed to look like an alternate world. While she doesn’t work exclusively with Polaroids, the simple, evocative […]

The American Dream – Text and Photos by Mihaela Andreea Andrei

[:en] Romanians have always been fascinated by the land of promise aka America. It seems that in the 1900’s Romanians help building the ultimate skyscrapers in USA like The Empire State Building. After the 9/11 The Empire State Building remained a landmark of NYC and Manhattan. I always dreamed of […]