A Bohemian Artist Travels Across Europe By Trading His Photographs

FIVE countries. TWO months. ZERO money. Only photography. Andrei Runcanu is a Romanian actor and photographer whose artworks focus mainly on portraiture, fashion and performances photography. After a single scroll on his website you realize his art’s no ordinary. Most of the portraits picture his scene fellows, actors with powerful inner passions and hyper-expressive faces. […]

Vlad Cioplea Plans a Tanzanian Photo-Expedition to Meet The African Tribes

Romanian Bucharest-based photographer and cinematographer Vlad Cioplea is raising funds to fuel his photographic expedition to the African heart of Tanzania. He plans to leave in August to spend some time in Savanna, to catch on camera and to study more about the people of Massai and Bushemen tribes, to take pictures and to attend […]