Staying true to her signature and the cosmic sounds that we know and love, Alira Mun brings a cinematic and profound perspective to her self-knowledge journey. Her new single ‘Eclipsa’ is markedly more haunting than its predecessors, as she seems to embrace the ambient and industrial music in a way she never has before. We talked with Alira about her newest single, but also, about inspiration and her creative journey.

How did you discover that this was the sound that would fill the gap in your life?

My music comes from a need to express the intensity of how I am feeling inside as a human being experiencing life, rather than from a need to fill a gap.

Tell us a bit about how you first transitioned from singing into songwriting and producing music.

I knew that if I wanted to express myself fully and authentically, I would have to learn to compose, write and produce my own music, so I had no choice. Somehow it all came naturally and I do really enjoy the process of it. 

We express ourselves and innovate not only by creating new things but also by choosing past things to repeat and reinforce 

What do you think it is about your music that resonates with people?

One soul will always meet another soul in its own journey to completion.

Walk us through the creative process of ‘Eclipsa.’ Each of your songs seems like a multimedia release, an interactive piece of work completed with stunning visuals and audio. Do you write the lyrics first, or is the instrumental track produced first with lyrics tailored to fit the vibe? Does it vary?

Most of the time I start the creative process by writing and producing the instrumental part, this way I create an optimal space in which I can express myself truly, and from there on everything takes place in a natural flow. I don’t like working according to a certain set of rules, I just follow my intuition and let myself be guided by it.

Separately, your work is rooted in nostalgia. How did you pull from your past to write ‘Eclipsa’?

‘Eclipsa’ contains a few elements from the past and they are being used as a foundation to build upon. We express ourselves and innovate not only by creating new things but also by choosing past things to repeat and reinforce. 

‘Eclipsa’ is an electrifying and captivating rendition, if you will, which leans on the industrial side of electronica with its hard-hitting low end. From the very first notes of ‘Eclipsa,’ Alira Mun evokes an uneasy thematic contrast between identity and perception.

You may find heavy breathing beneath these lyrics, bracing yourself for what has been and what’s about to come. Alira’s voice goes further into your consciousness while the melodic, AI-like generated line perfectly gets caught on your cranial nerves.

There are some deep lyrics in your music. Can you shed some light on any stories or anecdotes that led to them?

I have always explored the depths of my emotions and so the lyrics just came as a result of this exploration. Whenever life was too much to grasp I found out that lyrics came as a part of integrating that intensity.

You can hear the different genres that influenced your newest song. What artists or sounds were you listening to or studying while creating it?

I believe that everything I experience and live day by day has an influence on what I create. I don’t think it’s just about the music or the sounds I listen to, even if it inspires me in one way or another. 

Music is within all of us despite the gender we choose to identify with

Do you have any specific reference tracks that drive your productions?

It depends on what I’m listening to at that time, but recently I find myself listening most to LXST CXNTURY and other phonk wave music.

How do you think your identity as a woman plays a role in your art? Are there any female songwriters you look up to or try to channel?

I don’t know if my identity as a woman plays a role or not in my art, to me it doesn’t mean anything, music is within all of us despite the gender we choose to identify with.

In the age of streaming, singles are preferred to albums. Do you prefer the single / EP releases to album format?

I prefer single / EP releases more than the album format because it fits more with the way I’m expressing myself. I can create an entire musical and visual universe with each piece, each individually representing a unique act.

Is your sound evolving? If so, in which direction – more toward techno or pop?

Haven’t thought about it, I just go with the flow.

Looking to the future, what’s next for Alira Mun?

I’ll find out while it’s unfolding. There are a few things in various stages of development, they are gradually being published on my channels and everyone is invited on the journey.

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Photo: (c) Maria Blaga