Wetlands: The Grossest Movie You’ll Ever See

Based on the best-selling German novel by Charlotte Roche, Wetlands(2013) is actually a dark, comic movie about a teenage girl named Helen(Carla Juri) who considers herself “a living pussy hygiene experiment“. And this because of her suicidal mother and distant father. The problem is getting worse when she badly cuts herself shaving her butthole and […]

A Visual Dialogue About The Human Body by Hannah Altman

Hannah Altman is a photographer living and working in Pittsburgh. Many of her works explore female experiences and relationships, a perception of the human body. Her best known series is “And Everything Nice”, an extremely pretty or extremely ugly middle finger to society and the pressure it puts on women to look cute. While posting […]

The anatomy of nature. Nunzio Paci.

Nunzio Paci is an italian artist who creates paintings using pencil and oil while his favourite subjects are plants and animals mixed with human anatomies. On his personal website, he captures the essence of his work. “My whole work deals with the relationship between man and Nature, in particular with animals and plants. The focus […]