Track ‘One To Five’ by noisy Post-Rock quartet Volvopenta is taken from their new album ‘Simulacrum’ which will be out on February 26 at Tonzonen Records.

About the subtle video, the band has to say: “The video is a rather free-associative thing. The text is about the G20 summit and the riots in Hamburg. In the video, you can see an alpine summit, and the short almost imperceptible inserts are scenes from a film snippet about the street protests. 
So, somehow everything makes sense, but not in an intellectual way.”

This Is Not Detroit was the title of an art project in the Ruhr area, and it became so popular because the similarities are so unmistakable. Since 2007, the music of the Ruhrgebiet band from Essen and Mülheim an der Ruhr has been both, a commentary on the environment and resistance to the surrounding tristesse. Volvopenta thrives on the contrast and friction that arises from the interplay between the two guitarists Marcus Kreyhan and Stefan Claudius. André David’s unobtrusively refined work on the bass and Kai Spriestersbach’s stoic drumming turn the harmonious counter- and coexistence into unity. 

With almost earworm- worthy songs like ‘One To Five’ or ‘Kolonie 56’, the new record ‘Simulacrum’ on the one hand continues musical developments that were already hinted at on the debut LP ‘Yoshiwara’  with songs like ‘Wolfskull’ or ‘Short Sleep’, but also ventures into more abstract realms, as ‘Flint’ or ‘Barfly’ clearly show. The CD contains additional songs like the rather experimental ‘Ghost’ or the rather dark ‘Central Human Agency’, which once again shed a different light on this multi-faceted band.

The LP version of ‘Simulacrum’ is strictly limited to 200 copies on brown marbled vinyl. The specially made cover was hand-painted and finally glued by the band. Each copy is unique.

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