sabina costinel

Romanian Band DOOMPOP Debuts Retro, Electrifying Song ‘Black Dress’

The Romanian band DOOMPOP has officially cemented their status as a hot, keeping-an-eye-on project with their first track ‘Black Dress‘. The song is an innovative production with passionate writing that makes for a euphoric journey for the listener. ‘Black Dress‘ starts with both strong beats and guitar riffs, but soon […]

Cold Lakeshore: The Newest Nostalgic Series by Sabina Costinel

[:en] Sabina Costinel (Sabina Costinel Imagery) is a Romanian photographer we write about every time we have the chance to. With each image, Sabina perfectly captures the emotion of that moment, either we refer to loneliness, desolation, or daily events. We come to understand that Sabina’s portfolio represents a diary […]

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