Cold Lakeshore: The Newest Nostalgic Series by Sabina Costinel

[:en] Sabina Costinel (Sabina Costinel Imagery) is a Romanian photographer we write about every time we have the chance to. With each image, Sabina perfectly captures the emotion of that moment, either we refer to loneliness, desolation, or daily events. We come to understand that Sabina’s portfolio represents a diary […]

#Posted by: CVLTARTES’s Best Submissions (II)

[:en] We don’t forget our friends, and we always keep an eye on them. This is a gallery of best visual artworks published on Cultartes Magazine-Submission Group by artists we just simply adore. [:]

Redlight District by Antonio Paradiso (Exclusive)

I have more than one camera at home, let’s say that when I want to devote myself more carefully, I use a 1979 Giapponesina, a yashica fx3 super 2000, a completely mechanical camera. This speaks a lot about all those people who invest loads of money in photographic equipment without […]

Belladonna’s Tears vs. Lucy’s Diamonds (P.IAS Exclusive Interview)

Today’s exclusive feature on Cultartes is Iasmina Panduru aka P.Ias. Fashion photographer, filmmaker and illustrator, Iasmina first caught my eyes when I was fooling around on Instagram; as I’m always in search for awesome creative minds I instantly followed her to keep up with her provocative work. From admiring her […]

Raluca Rosu Irina Gache

Homage to Raluca Rosu

There are people and there are artists, there are artists and there are muses. Sometimes these 3 just intertwine in a perfection that is non-existent in the tumultuous reality we live in. There are people that carry emotions and thoughts like vessels, gathering inside them the weight of the world […]

Andreea Elena’s Exclusive Series Is a Bonfire of Emotions

[:en] Andreea Elena aka LENArt is a young Romanian photographer, filmmaker and video editor based in Craiova. I stumbled across her works few months ago and I find her portfolio both erotic and elegant, with light at the heart of her photographs. She mainly focuses on sensitive, soft portraits while […]

The Vintage-Like World of Romanian Photographer Ana Jovmir

[:en] Ana Jovmir is a Romanian photographer based in Montreal, Canada. Many of her photos are shot on 35mm film, yet this is a selection of what I found to be the greatest images. She often chooses to photograph her close friends and is inspired by people, magic or different […]

Chasing Dreams by Dennis Swiatkowski

[:en] Travel the world with Dennis Swaitkowski, a highly regarded young photographer, in this alluring collection of his fashion and landscape images. Dennis Swiatkowski is a fashion photographer and filmmaker who grew up between The Netherlands and South Africa. He recently released an amazing book for all the dreamers among […]

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