We are thrilled to premiere the new single of IONAT, the moniker of Ionut Olteanu. His new song ‘HYPNOSYSTEM‘ features a rhythmic beat and a melodic sound that is beautifully wrapped into an Ambiental, chill-out song.

Ionut Olteanu is a Romanian composer and graphic editor who was at first into black metal songs and now creates jaw-dropping atmospheric pieces. The result, or better yet, the transformation is a fresh take into the Ambiental genre. He told us that ‘surprisingly at a time when I thought black metal was totalitarian as far as I was concerned. But I also felt that something was missing between me, and the music and then there was a change.

Read an in-depth interview with IONAT and be the first to listen ‘Hypnosystem‘:

Once you listen to music for a long time, the desire to make music comes automatically, I went through many genres, but only now have I found the genre I feel the most.

Take me through your sound design process. Is this a quick process, or something you might obsess over and re-visit?

It depends a lot on the structure of the song, I have 2-minute songs, but also 6, being a genre with which you can experiment a lot, it takes maybe 4 days to compose a song, sometimes maybe 2 months.

Where did you get the initial idea to use these powerful and melancholic editings, in both your music and graphics?

The thing with the very graphic elements assimilated with my music is in the vision of the song and at the end, I deal with it as a full-time job. The graphics help to expose the musical idea, to reach the listener much better.

When you are not busy creating, which other artists do you follow or listen to?

There are many, mainly everything that sounds good and especially many projects in Romania such as Norzeatic, Dspekt, E-An-Na, DorDeDuh, Silent strike, Alexandrina. It depends a lot on what I want to discover at that moment.

If you could have any artist join Ionat, who would it be and why?

Very difficult to answer, because it would be an endless list. For example, I would like to work with Alduts Sherdley who has an extraordinary voice, or maybe Silent Strike who is without a doubt a genius. Who knows what the future holds?

Does the conception come first or does the song evolve naturally – do you have a clear idea of what it will be before you start to make it?

First I simply open the Ableton and start putting my ideas there, and if it’s not something temporary, it definitely becomes a complete song, then comes the graphic process that practically describes through my vision the respective audio composition.

Have you ever considered or dreamed of performing live? How would you see this first-time experience?

At the moment, no, but in my vision, it would be something very quiet, maybe even a hall with chairs and a huge screen behind me.

What do you hope to do with your art in the future? I mean, do you have any crazy schemes or goals?

It depends a lot on how it will evolve, it will probably be a successful project in a few years or just an underground project, whatever it is I will compose, music has already become a part of me.

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