They say if you want something hard enough you’ll get it. Finally it’s happening again! For the 2nd time in Romania, the project of Robert Alfons is returning for two gigs; one in Bucharest, Control Club and one in Cluj, /Form Space. TR/ST is a Canadian electronic music project formed as a band in 2010 when Alfons met Maya Postepski of Austra. At the current moment during live performances, Alfons is accompanied by Lia Braswell (before 2019, it was Anne Gauthier) and Esther Blue that play drums and keyboards respectively.


Style struggles to legitimize the 80’s attitude, somehow gloomy, lullaby-esque also a kind of a hypnotic rush that is created from the electronic bedevilment reinforces the woozy feeling of lust. There’s also an elegant, dark moodiness that immediately grabs your attention. Obnoxious to the bone, Alfons manages to lead the listener through grunge-sounding voice that add to the overall melancholy dripping with a note of sexual tension before winding down to the last pulses of the synthesizer.

Make sure you catch this cool band in one of these 2 cities. Or why not in both of them. See you on the dancefloor !

Both events are organized by Waves With No Ends!


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