The Balearic Garage band, with members from Catalonia and Minorca, will release their first LP this spring. Their first single, ‘Troublemaker’, is a bullet of direct rock and sticky melodies that talks about news trends on relationships.

That final strike of the night, when your feet are burning and everything is blurry and fun in the coolest club… and suddenly they turn on the lights. No way, Bacon Radars refuse to accept that bummer, when you have to go back to your daily life and boring routine. That is the reason why ‘Keep the Lights Off’, besides being the band’s battle cry, is the name of their upcoming debut (and self-published) album that will be released this spring. This album is a call to not turn your back on having fun, there will be time for obligations! It is also full of sharpened guitars, distorted voices, and sounds that refer to Ty Segall’s garage, going through stoner and progressive rock with influences like Foals, Cage the Elephant, Deerhunter, or The Hives.

On this Friday 19th, Bacon Radars will release the first ‘Keep the Lights Off’ single ‘Troublemaker’ which talks about the new relationship trends that defy classical monogamy (open relationships, polyamory, Tinder…) and questions the lack of engagement. Nevertheless, who are we to judge what’s right or wrong in human relationships? Let each one find their best fit in this society while respecting the others. ‘Troublemaker’ will come along with a video clip directed by Cristina Tomàs.

After publishing an EP and a bunch of singles during 2018 and 2019, Bacon Radars’ members Roger Abella (vocals), Guillem Laborda (lead guitar), Lluís Gelabert (rhythm guitar), Marc Fisa (bass), and Santi Arderiu (drums) drop in the rock scene with a solid LP that is guarantee enough to conquer large stages.

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