Polaroid film usually produces and offers striking sceneries, and to speak of Miluţă Flueraş is to discuss his creativity, professionalism, and passion. Not only is his work a wonder to follow, but so is the creative process behind it. His concert and portraiture photography is the perfect blending of timeless composure with a fresh, contemporary interpretation.

A while ago, he started an Instagram account for his Polaroid images, mixing new technologies with many details. It seems almost unbelievable how he moves so simply through different techniques, with such impressive and soft results.

I’m a photographer who has always been fascinated by contemplating the experiment in all its forms.

Miluţă’s work comes like a wave of fresh air. His pale lights and colors deliver a vintage look, almost an autumn-like feeling. What I like the most about Miluţă’s instant works are his emulsion lifts. How the swimming emulsions fold on themselves, thin as hair and somehow unreachable. But then they are being transformed into a playful visual element.

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