James Tapscott is an unconventional artist and designer who uses a wide variety of materials and methods to create his works.

“My works are site specific, even site determined and fuse simple materials and aesthetics with localized natural phenomena and light. Often I will create an installation and adapt it to a number of sites, creating subtly (sometimes profoundly) different experiences. I work in a reductive way – eliminating unnecessary visual material and aesthetic baggage to communicate a sense of the sublime as directly as possible. The experiences of my work are felt as much as they are observed and remind us how our modes of perception are merely a choice.”source

Arc ZERO Eclipse represents a public installation that took place in Shenzhen, China, in 2018. To create this magnificent act James used mist, light, water, steel, pump, nozzles, filter. The entire installation measuring a diameter of 6 meters, installed for BAY ART Shenzhen.

An arch of mist reflects in the water below to create a full circle – an eclipse suspended in a dark void. A transcendent bodily experience of space is achieved as one walks through the portal, rippling the reflection with their presence.

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