Taken from the upcoming album ‘Silent Running’, out on September 4th, on all formats, ‘Suffogaze’ is the first single from the new album by French post hardcore and shoegaze infused heavy rockers Watertank.

The initial idea behind «Suffogaze» was to depict a tragic event through a peaceful/almost A.S.M.R. setting. But that Covid ruined our plans, so instead we’ve decided to re-edit the John Badham movie «Wargames» to match the lyrics and the overall theme of the album, inspired by the front cover glass-tardigrade survival features and resilience, yet still about to implode, fitting the band ultimately.

The songs on ‘Silent Running‘ are sounding more rockish than before, but still loud. Watertank is extending their Post-Hardcore roots with a blend of influences from Alternative-Rock to Shoegaze.

Since its inception in 2003, the Nantes based quartet released 2 albums, the acclaimed debut album ‘Sleepwalk‘ in 2013 and ‘Destination Unknown‘ in 2015, revealing a more confident band through strongly crafted songs, “emerged as a fuller, more gripping proposal of sound and invention” (The Ringmaster), D.U. made several top album lists that year.

Before that, ‘Fairy Crimes‘ in 2009, laid the foundations of their signature sound, a mixture of 90’s post-hardcore sensibilities and downtuned heavyness, which contrast with the throaty pop vocals and melodic hooks infused within the songs.

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