Bath photography is always challenging, as there is not much space, the angles are pretty much similar at all times and there’s less light. But the self-taught Romanian photographer Bianca Petrisor brings out emotion with her exclusive black and white series called ‘Pure Waters’. The lack of color helps Bianca play around with settings adding a bit of mystery and glow to her story.

For this series, I wanted to depict the connection between water and skin; between a static element represented by our human body and an unpredictable and forever changing element which is water. The bathtub in which these were taken was filled with water and milk because I wanted to psychologically send the viewer to the thought of purity.

The elements of leaves and flowers are an extra organic element and the connection to the earth. Besides the fact that they are shot in black and white, they have no other alteration or editing to them. They are the raw material in their purest form.

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