Month: June 2019

The Results of Self Analysis: Distorted Time by Eliza Lupu

Bucharest-based photographer, Eliza Lupu is a talented visual artist whose images focus on the research of the human body and nature, but also on the interdependence between these two. The series is title Distorted Time and it’s Eliza’s Bachelor’s Thesis. Find out more about what she has to say about […]

This Australia Based Artist Creates Intricate, Dreamy Make-ups

If you find yourself in need for some goth-dreamy inspiration for your make-up, look no further than the account of Australia based artist Court Kennedy. Her work is always intricate, to say the least, whether she’s playing with bold messages, powerful eye make-up or flower petals. Either way, her feed […]

Smida Jazz Festival: A Celebration to Music and Nature

Smida Jazz Festival is possibly unlike any other festival you could go to, the one here does not all take place in just one field or some tiny complex; the festival is not just a presentation of some great music but also celebrates the area in which it takes place […]

Experiments in Portraiture by Ziqian Liu

Ziqian Liu is a freelance photographer from China and she studied in London and Sydney and graduated with a major in communication management. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. Photography to me is not only a tool that bring the beautiful sight to others, […]

Tie-Untie: Rope Performance Night by Billie Rose & Kitty Rea

Kitty Rea is an artist, bondage performer and sex educator. She creates innovative works in the field of performing shibari meaning “decoratively tie”, or kinbaku, translating to “tight binding”, and it is an artistic form of bondage and BDSM deeply invested in the history and culture of Japan. “Shibari appeared […]

Watch ‘Divination’, the New Trippy Music Video of Zimbru

I’m always looking forward to seeing music video releases, since they can introduce us into the artists creative world, unveil a new aesthetic or offer a short story. But not often do we have the chance to be in a perfect phase, feeling from the very first moment that it’s […]

Breathelast Releases Music Video for “The Bridge”

With so much music coming out every week, it’s difficult to keep track on everything that’s new. Not to mention it’s actually hard to put your exact feelings into words and conveying what you think. One might say that the first audition it’s actually the one that counts the most. […]

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