Roberto Ferri’s Baroquian Demons Introduce Us to Lust and Dispair

Roberto Ferri (37) is an Italian, Taranto-based painter and visual artist with a vivid obsession for the human body, demonology and the masters of Baroque. He finds his artistic inspiration in the works of Caravaggio, but he’s also influenced by the art of “ancient masters of Romanticism, Academicism and Symbolism”, such as, Ingres,Gericault, Moreau, Redon […]

Cultartes presents Luna Tabulatorum by Rithika Merchant.

Using painting as a means of telling stories which are inspired by experiences from her childhood, Rithika Merchant explores themes of personification and anthropomorphism, where animals embody human attributes; be it in bodily form, or the environment they are placed in. “My paintings depict scenes from my own internal, personal folklore. They are filled with creatures […]