Shut Your Filthy Mouth Creative!

Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri a.k.a. Filthy Mouth Creative is a photographer, stylist and creative director based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She also creates a fashion style which is a juxtaposition at this idea and artistic vision, Filthy Mouth Cloathing. Completely self taught, she uses her never-ending curiosity to create unique concepts. Her work is heavily inspired by […]

Cultartes@Dark Bombastic Evening 7, Ziua II

Relaxare. Îmi e clar că s-a simțit un aer mai degajat în jur, odihna de peste noapte sau, mă rog, de peste dimineață, se pare că a avut ocazia să pună ceva ordine în gânduri și gesturi. O atmosferă mult mai așezată față de ziua anterioară când totul părea într-o continuă mișcare browniană. Poate și […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part. IX: Debbie Harry (Blondie)

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]

Harley Weir And Her Work On Beauty, Saliva or Pubic Hair

Harley Weir is a UK-based artist and an extraordinary talent. Her work is bold and unreserved, that’s how she became the most in-demand young photographer in the UK fashion. Weir studied Fine Art and taught herself photography, using Flickr to showcase her work. “Many, many things drive me but I often feel quite simply that […]