When You Catch Your Nose Between Senses

Steph Wilson is a London-based photographer and artist. Her photographs have this velvety richness about them that make the images rather surreal. She is also founder of Lemon People, an art collective where she works with other creators to realize all kinds of projects. We could say that her thing is to incorporate humour alongside political or cultural themes […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part IV: Nobuyoshi Araki

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]

The Suave, Yet Bizarre Fetish-Art of Carol Stiler

Carol Stiler (aka Trimetilamina) is a fetish-photograph whose artworks combine a sweet sample of innocent tenderness with a gore, bizarre attraction for dreadful imaginary situations. Some of her slightly NSFW photographs may highlight the suavity of the human body, while some of the others explore her inner anxieties (see the insects series on her page) or […]

Álvaro Barcala’s Symbiosis Between God and Sex

When asked about his life motto, Alvaro simply replied: “God!”. I thought at first he might be one of those fanatics, you know? But he’s no monk. He’’s seen the world. He traveled and lived in other countries more than a decade. Álvaro Barcala is a 38 years old Spanish artist whose artworks made me […]

Mass Spanking Protest to Happen in Manchester This Sunday

After the British sex-workers protested by facesitting last December against the banning of several sexual acts, they’ve decided to stage a mass spanking. About two months ago, around a hundred British citizens, most of them sex workers, came in front of the Parliament Palace in order to protest, by facesitting, against censorship. The law-makers banned from […]

Watch the “Anatomy of Desire”, by Sarah Gross

In the short movie “Anatomy of Desire”, Sarah Gross focuses on the woman’s body and her individual journey to discover the hidden force of pleasure. The tension of the rhythmic background music is in a perfect harmony with the human skin and breathing. Each body part becomes a place on the desire map. A clear […]

Lana Sutra: arta de a face dragoste

„Nu cred în granițe, pentru că lumea ne aparține tuturor. Asta este planeta mea. Nu m-am născut pe o insulă, ci pe Pământ!”. Maniera în care amestecă cubanezul Erik Ravelo tehnicile artistice te pune la grea încercare. Nu e pictură, nu e sculptură și nici gravură. E undeva între toate astea. Bineînțeles că asemeni oricărui […]

Urmuz: „Pâlnia și Stamate”

Romanul avangardist în 4 părți al lui Urmuz este tipic curentului dadaist în care se încadrează. Nu ține cont de reguli, iar la o primă vedere exprimarea este incoerentă. Am citit romanul lui Urmuz o singură dată, pentru că indiferent de câte ori îl recitești, nu vei scoate din el cunoștințele Universului. Dar cu siguranță […]