Oana Barbonie’s Collages Are Based Around a Chaotic, Sci-Fi Like Approach to Portraiture

I’ve been noticing that my Facebook news feed has been jam-packed with awesome collage work lately, Oana Barbonie being one of the people I found responsible for. Not quite sure from where to start when trying to describe Oana’s work and what her hobbies suggest. But is there a thing she can’t do? I couldn’t […]

Linda Vachon Creates Terrifying, Distorted Dreamlike Pieces

Canadian artist Linda Vachon creates fractured, distorted images, intriguing dreamlike pieces of work through photography, painting and digital manipulation. She is inspired by words, paper, junk, old books and cats. All I can see is the darkness and the fear Linda uses in her images to guide us. “I believe in everything and its opposite.”€ […]

Knut Van Brijs Resurrects Dada In These Randomized Paper Collages

Cultartes Magazine features Semir Avdić (aka Knut Van Brijs) a 32 years old Sarajevo-based visual artist who combines different materials (mostly paper) in order to create specific and meaningful images. Influenced by artists like Tristan Tzara or Hannah Hoech, Semir brings Dada back to life. The past is the future, according to his motto: “I […]