I Finished Watching ‘Sense8’; Who’s In For a Telepathic Orgy?

I just finished watching Sense8 yesterday. Well done Netflix, well done! *slow claps*. And I love you, Riley Blue! You’ve probably seen it already. But if you haven’t, I wrote this for you, spoilers-free. It’s damn difficult to summarize the whole TV show, due to its multiple story lines, so I’m not gonna go there. […]

Cultartes’ Picks of This Year’s Inktober: Alexandra Stefanel

InkTober isn’t over yet, so we thought we might feature another Romanian artist who succesfully said ‘yes’ to the challenge, drawing one sketch a day. [Check out our last feature here] Alexandra Stefanel (25) is a Romanian freelance illustrator and character designer with a noticeable passion for cute pencil and watercolor sketches. The artist collaborated […]

Costin Chioreanu. Where the subterranean minds meet art.

I imagine Costin Chioreanu art’s exposed in the most inner and mysterious places. I see his creations stuck on the ditches walls dug by ribs on the surface of the human brain. An audience of billions of neurons contemplate the unfathomable abyss. Synapses are dancing a waltz that illuminates the skull in nervous fireworks, with […]

“The Black Glove”, a Touch of Pure Sex Art

I invite you to taste a world of erotic fetishistic classical movies where elegance never leaves sexuality, not even in the most explicit scenes. A world where art is elevated to the highest standards, in a shattering contrast with images meant to shock.