Suzana Plesca’s Photo-Eroticism Turns Your Inner Pervert On

Suzana Plesca is a Bucharest-based photographer whose pictures  bring your inner pervert to life. She studied in Canada at Vancouver Film School and while she can do pretty much any kind of photography (portraiture, commercial, fashion, events), she is obviously attracted to nudes and fetish art. A lot of artworks (if not all of them […]

Lamia, The Fakirs Who Come Straight From The Hell’s Darkest Nightmares

I’ve heard about Lamia before. The Ancient Greeks used to believe that Lamia was this beautiful queen, one of the many mistresses of Zeus, the God’s King. According to the legend, she has been transformed by Hera, the jealous Zeus’ wife into a child-eating monster, only after Hera killed all her children in the first […]

Nagy Melinda’s Uncensored Art

Cei din online o cunosc sub pseudonimul Meli. În realitate, numele ei este Melinda Julia si este din Cluj. O artistă cu fire dezinvoltă care preferă să nu dea importanță etichetelor și care este mereu dispusă provocărilor care au drept rezultat înlăturarea oricăror bariere. Deși nu se consideră un model, Meli a pozat pentru mai […]