New Series ”Even if This Silence is Unseen” by Daria Amaranth

Daria Amaranth is already a part of Cultartes team; she just captured a brand new series named ”Even if this silence is unseen”. Already familiar to her photos, we know she likes to portray fragile and melancholic emotions, sensual and sad feelings, disturbing and confused ones. Daria finds inspiration from everything beautiful and meaningful. This series […]

Breathtaking Double-Exposures With A Feminine Touch by Miki Takahashi

Miki Takahashi is a Japanese designer, photographer, and filmmaker. Her projects have focused on creating layered portraits around distinct themes, such as ‘Smoke’ and ‘Nature’. Using a combination of digital manipulation and double exposure photography, she creates tension between the two realities she’s portraying. Although the person is presumably the main subject of the portrait, the second […]

Irina Gache – Sink At The Bottom of Oceans And Seas

Irina Gache has a way to expose through photography and writing, things which are close to what is buried and repressed within people. Things close to their darkness and the inner child which we all have and choose to lock up as we age. We lock him up somewhere far away and then throw the […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part III: Weegee

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]