Eclectic Drawings of Starry Skies by Alexandra Costea

Alexandra Costea, Romanian self-taught artist is sketching images depicting wanderlust, midnight-loving scenes that seem to be taken out of Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know music video. Large views of starry skies, peaceful solitude and just plain coffee combine together in a most simplistic, yet enjoyable state of mind. Check it out below. Wanna get featured? […]

The Extravagant, Faceless Nudes of Michael Lentz

Cultartes Magazine features today the works of artist Michael Lentz. The 51 years old painter has an academic background in math and physics, according to his CargoCollective profile. This didn’t stop him to create drawings, sketches, watercolor paintings, symbolistic graffiti and abstract monochrome landscapes. On the contrary, the studies in exact sciences highlighted his accuracy, […]

Cultartes’ Picks of This Year’s Inktober: Alexandra Stefanel

InkTober isn’t over yet, so we thought we might feature another Romanian artist who succesfully said ‘yes’ to the challenge, drawing one sketch a day. [Check out our last feature here] Alexandra Stefanel (25) is a Romanian freelance illustrator and character designer with a noticeable passion for cute pencil and watercolor sketches. The artist collaborated […]

Maria Căruntu Creates Cute Blushing and Whiskery Drawings

Maria Căruntu is a Romanian artist currently living in Iasi whose illustrations make you think about the old French books from the 80’s schools. Those times when people were barely inventing the zip and the vacuum cleaner. Those images with the teacher wearing a Stela Popescu styled make-up, and when the kids were learning to turn-off […]