Alexandru Diugan Captures Vibrant Moments and Keeps Them from Being Forgotten

Romanian-born street photographer Alexandru Diugan takes the viewer on a journey through a set of vibrant photos. Alexandru’s images are quite intimate and filled with authenticity; you’ll see pictures of dreamy, outstanding landscapes and intense portraits. He’s one of the photographers who uses to capture special and important moments and keep them from being forgotten. […]

Dana Tole: Varya is My Alter-Ego (Exclusive Interview and Photos)

We stumbled across the impressive work of portrait photographer Dana Tole the other day and have been scrolling ever since. Her photos are mysterious, beautifully processed and break the ordinary portrait mold in so many outstanding ways. Howdy, Dana! Tell us about yourself, when did you first started to shoot? How is your artistic style? […]

Cristina Venedict Interview

Nicole,Cultartes: Hello, Cristina! When did your passion for photography first started? Cristina Venedict: I began photographing in 2006 with a compact camera. I thought it was great to have a camera in my hands, you feel like a director who creates a film. Photography gives me the opportunity to dream and create images; it helps […]

Ekaterina Grigorieva. Visions of a Russian Girl (Interview)

Ekaterina Grigorieva is a photographer and painter based in Moscow, Russia. Her works were published in many magazines such as Cake Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Fashion Collection, Le Mile Magazine, SOME Magazine, Foto&Video Magazine, and Muse Magazine. She exhibited in Moscow and France. Ekaterina works under the name ‘’Nemo et Nihil’’, claiming that she draws what […]

Generation Um… (2012)

Apoi am întors clanța spre dreapta. Am deschis ușa, am luat-o pe scări spre stânga. O iei la stânga mereu de-a lungul clădirii. Dar când ajungi acasă urci scările și-o iei spre dreapta. Deci când o iei stânga pleci, dar când o iei dreapta ajungi acasă. Iar asta e bine. Dar clanța e o capcană; […]