Cultartes Features: The Striking, Elaborate Photography of Szilagyi Edi

Szilagyi Edi (Edd Myspys) is a Romania-based photographer from Cluj-Napoca, whose artworks (photography, digital collages, photo-manipulations) depict strong emotions and capture raw feelings like melancholia or depression. His anonymous models – silent alchemists of the darkness – scratch the viewer’s mind in a long-lasting way, almost like permanent scars on the brain. “The passion for photography was […]

This Guy Handcrafts Thrilling Medieval “Plague” Masks for An Eventual Post-Apocalyptic Era

Romanian artisan Vasilache Pavel is bringing back the horror of Middle-Ages’ ‘Black Death’ by handcrafting these creepy-ass leather masks. For those who don’t know, in the 14th century Europe, there was this epidemic – the so-called plague (or bubonic plague). The “plague doctors” who were daring to treat the diseased had to wear these scary beaked […]

New Works from Anca Mitroi

In a previous interview for Cultartes Magazine, the dark-goth Romanian photographer Anca Mitroi told us that “death is a central theme for my works. It’s a ryot against the obvious clichéistic beauty, and a attempt to emphasize the hidden and grotesque one”. Here are a few new works of hers. Photo via Anca Mitroi’s Blog

Anca Mitroi fotografiază coarne pentru a-și transfigura realitatea

Gri șters. Psihoză. Perechi rigide de coarne în toată splendoarea care ascund bucăți catifelate de piele. Nu o să spun că fotografiile Ancăi Mitroi sunt perfecte. Însă fiecare fotografie pe care-o realizează are o perfecțiune a ei. Una intimă, solitară, în stare să reducă atmosfera din jur la 0 grade. Dacă printr-un absurd ar fi să […]