Emanating a feeling we can all relate to, the art pop artist ZØLTAN releases a new single, ‘Ai Ki Narabi,’ acknowledging the need for togetherness. Paired with a black and white video, the single talks about the power of unity without being political whatsoever.

ZØLTAN offers a first taste of what we hope will be a fruitful 2022 (fingers crossed). For the artist, the pairing of music with the visual is a natural expression extension. In addition, ‘Ai Ki Narabi’ evokes a theatrical vocal performance from ZØLTAN and features guests (Andra Zelenak, Roxana Zăpârțan, and Mishu Călian) filled with heavy tribal percussion, electro, and symphonic orchestra elements.

Speaking about the song, ZØLTAN explains:

“Its message unfolds through a complex journey. It has a tribal feel; it is deeply spiritual but without intended connections to indigenous music or Eastern religions. ‘Ai Ki Narabi’ speaks about the beauty of togetherness in a non-propagandistic way.”

When asked about the meaning of ‘Ai Ki Narabi,’ he added, ” ‘Ai Ki Narabi’ just came as it is, with its melodic line, more than ten years ago. It was both haunting and troubling, as ‘it asked’ to be turned into a song, so I had to take care of it. I’m unsure what its role might be or to whom it might speak. It came to me without any search or reference, so there’s a kind of purity in its birth.”

ZØLTAN can convey his message through well-rounded concepts that are always as honest and relatable as he can make them, whether it’s reflecting on his feelings through lyrics or visual context. The song pulses but never bursts, seamlessly balancing soft energy with uplifting vocals.

On why he’s integrating monochrome visuals into his singles, ZØLTAN says, “the black and white theme is like a skull ring: it acts as a memento mori. On the other hand, as I’m not afraid of death, the black and white visual context seems to set comforting parameters for all that matters.”

‘Ai Ki Narabi’ captures the depth of feeling so beautifully and intimately that it’s almost impossible not just to close your eyes and let the song wash over you. We all need hope, and art has a considerable role in this. Thus, the song’s production and hopeful yet melancholic melody seem swirled in a kaleidoscope of ZØLTAN‘s exciting vox, reflecting and uplifting his continuous endeavour to become one with society.

Music & lyrics – ZØLTAN
Production – ZØLTAN & Arnold Vígh
Featured artists – Andra Zelenak, Roxana Zăpârțan & Mishu Călian
Guitars – Dragoș Geomolean
Mix & master – Arnold Vígh / MixFactor Studio
Studio – Andrei Bobiș / Cirkular
Special thanks – SilverHill Studio, Attila Szabó & Mishu Călian
Video – CTN Vlad / ColorS Media
Extra special thanks – Lucian Chirilă / TMS Cluj

Cover photo: (c) Vlad Cătană

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