If you claim to be an aspiring “Goth EDM fan” or possess a love for such music, Del’Noire is an essential artist to add to your music mix. Del’Noire‘s genre is one I am at a loss to describe: goth, EDM, trance, dreamy synth, electronic, post-punk, and something to rave about during your next musical journey.

As a solo project, Matyascorvinus introduces you to their hauntingly beautiful world with a debut EP entitled “The Haunting of Del’Noire,” released on April 8th. Mastermind employs programmed piano and string arrangements and pulsating beats to convey the 70s Finnish schlagers’ strings, 70s and 80s disco music, EDM, trance, and other similar Gothic aesthetics.

Throughout its roughly 15-minute duration, Del’Noire uncovers and delivers increasingly fresh and intriguing pieces that allow you to imagine and examine new depths within yourself. ‘The Raven Stone‘ opens the EP with an incredibly catchy electronic track that will smash any dance floor. This track begins with slow gothic string sounds that build into a crescendo of pulsating beats. As the piano adds vibrant, upbeat keys to the mix, you can’t help but feel drawn into the darkness.

There is an atmospheric and playful quality to ‘A Strange, Bitter Kiss,’ and as the song proceeds, you feel as though you are being led through a story, revealing new layers of emotion and intrigue with every note.

Ultimately, ‘A Letter To Mina‘ envelops you in its cinematic atmosphere, with piano keys pattering over trailing strings. With captivating melodies and rhythms, he has created a hauntingly beautiful EP that explores themes of macabre, horror, and Gothic. The dark electropop record is accompanied by somber grooves and a thumping beat that adds a sense of cool to the EP. The EP takes you on a journey, from darkness to hope, that leaves you wanting more. The hauntingly beautiful melodies and rhythms create an immersive experience that will draw you in and keep you captivated.

No matter which of the many styles strikes a fan’s fancy, all of “The Haunting of Del’Noire” is composed, mixed, and performed close to perfection. If Del’Noire had come along in the ’00s, they would have easily ruled the Gothic world and possibly even united it. Today, however, the project stands to resurrect it using modern techniques, electronic flair, and greater drama than its predecessors could have imagined.

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