Anon Goes to ATG2022

>be me>music journalist for almost 4 years>go to ArcTanGent 2022>unbelievably hyped>apply for press pass to ATG>not even a reply over months>well aren’t you a bunch of boiled carrots>but first 8 day vacation in Zurich>change 2 planes to arrive in Zurich>physically exhausting yet rewarding time in Zurich>change another 2 planes omw […]

French Progressive Metal Collective TRANZAT Reveal Music Video for New Track ‘Pillow Fight’

French Progressive metal collective Tranzat have just revealed a music video for a new song from their third album “Ouh La La”, which was released last month by Klonosphere Records.  Formed in 2015 in Brest, France, for reasons beyond comprehension, Tranzat self-produced their first two records, 2016’s “Hellish Psychedelia” and 2018’s “The Great Disaster”, this one with the support of Black Desert Records. The […]

Portuguese Prog Metal Collective WHALES DON’T FLY Reveal Video for New Track ‘A Journey’s End’

Portuguese progressive metal youngsters Whales Don’t Fly have just revealed a lyric video for ‘A Journey’s End’ of the band’s debut album “The Golden Age” released yesterday on Raging Planet Records.  Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Guilhermino Martins at Blind & Lost Studios, “The Golden Sea” sees Whales Don’t Fly churning out a powerful and heavy thrash-metal full of catchy […]

Norwegian Prog Metal Band GREEN CARNATION Streams “The Acoustic Verses Remastered” in Full

Norwegian progressive metal band GREEN CARNATION is now streaming the remastered, 15th-anniversary edition of their acoustic album “The Acoustic Verses”. This anniversary edition, remastered by Maor Appelbaum, contains three bonus tracks and has brand new cover artwork by Lukasz Jaszak. This is the first time that “The Acoustic Verses” is released on vinyl. This is a big […]

LANTLOS Announce New Album & Release 1st Video Single ‘Lake Fantasy’

LANTLOS are revealing the psychedelic tripping video ‘Lake Fantasy’ as the first single taken from their forthcoming album “Wildhund” (“Wild Dog”), which is slated for release on July 30, 2021. The German alternative metal project headed by multi-instrumentalist Markus Siegenhort is also revealing cover art, tracklist, and further details of the new full-length. LANTLOS comment: “I am incredibly excited to finally be able to share this […]

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