Hi! For the readers who might not be familiar with FRIG, could you go into the genesis of the band a little bit?

As we’ve previously mentioned in few articles it is not a sophisticated sound machine as we have seen abroad at some avant-garde metal bands, but it tries to explore all our possible Universes through an astral journey where few elements fuse with a new concept inside out sound perspectives.
It came out in 2015 as a phenomenon (both in outer space and for the Earth’s atmospheres) with multiple effects in the background implemented in a Romanian musical project, especially trying to escape in all cold figures, even from its dark vibrations.
To remember Earth’s fellows that above and beyond us there it is still enough unpolluted view connecting thoughts, minds and souls apart from the worldwide system of values or non-values.
Extended to 2020 and further in a totally new form — here we are where FRIG transform itself and get its biogas ready to explore another corridors from this world along with your supportive presence at our live performances.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you formed the band, or did that grow and evolve as you played together?

I should place a more ambient and dark direction or not, that was a strong question in the beginning – well there it is still place to get an answer for the future. I was not alone during the assembly line and it wasn’t easy to find an equilibrium between each idea, but in the end we just follow the lyrics’ composition line and synths algori(y)thms then vid nocturn’‘ album get its wings ready to fly.

You clearly don’t rely on many vocals. Is it more important to you that the listener is left with a visceral impact of the music or connects with a lyrical message?

For the moment we would like to keep some details aside from a visionary culture, what we are placing in every db, Hz or whatever it goes with the sound structure it represents the vibe itself at each individual studio session – for the moment we travel along unknown instrumental dimensions.

If we look at vid nocturn” album and genOm EP we will find out that their stories are interconnected, in fact different structures are imploding in both composition as the journey is shifting between macro and micro to all that we can carry on our view.

From the listener side it is important to us that the energy we transmit in every shaped moment of a note to further vibrate in our complete sound.
If it sometimes gives you the feeling that what we tried to construct in our new material it came out of a laboratory, it is nothing else than photons became tight in string lines to a no end permanently exposed to light.
Mostly auditory touch will gain new axis in understanding and feel of what it gets enclosed in themes and images of our songs.
It remains at least that its dark cubes design to reach and dwell within the motion of cells pressure of the listener, sure here depends on – more prefer less complex sounds nowadays and more progressive (everyone could take it or leave it as it is).

(c) Crişan Ioan Lucian

How do you feel that you have evolved both musically and personally since creating the band? Do you think that your style has suffered any changes?

I would not say that, still me surrounding on new elements ready to listen and consider everyone’s constructive ideas.
Musically, I think that with each moment spent in the studio it gives me the possibility to develop myself founding a bit of equilibrium – like the mornings tea drops avoiding lifeless mood.
In the end we are still small entities with feelings where life cycle of these spheres give us a chance to be.

“Each second has its unique gathering in far out spheres, their climates return to nature origins and make me keep walking in the mornings.”

Could you enlighten our readers upon the artistically concept of FRIG? What are the ideas and feelings that you put in it?

To have illustrated an answer to both questions you need to attend physically our future live performances and to unplug yourself from the daily routine.

How important do you consider live shows to be for the band? To my understandings, your live performances will have special or conceptual images taken from outer space. Can you detail on that?

A detailed sound map where outer space images are the guides in our song themes and live performance became the phase of when static gets attracted by light.

Where do you think your love for Universe and space came from?

It grew inside my childhood’s universe and whisper me at every step as mostly I was alone looking on the bright dark skies, sometimes up on the mountains.

Panta rhei as Seen by Hubble | Photo: source
Cygnus Loop Nebula | Photo: source

On 20th December you played in Quantic in Bucharest. How did the show go? And how soon can we see you again live?

Technically it was our first indoor experience under FRIG sequences, and we remain on the inner side as the EP’s title suggests, again the footprint of the genOm’s mood got a different turn on people’s vibe than we expected.
We tried to better express its functions in a totally open amount of rays, which actually helped us find out what we need to bring in our next live performances: years ago they discovered human genome, now we had the chance to sound map it.

I think that from stage angle it is the ebb of faces expressions that gives color to the beat nor to what stays unseen behind the instruments lines and that made us to go for the next one.

To be honest we did not expect interaction to have been present on our art at this level across the fact that we had to survive preparing the live act from small details to another unexpected parameters that took on its way an unconventional place.

Australe it’s not industrial, avant-garde in the conventional sense, and in this regard will only suit so many ears. What are its main themes and how would the song be served best? What important messages are we missing as listeners?

Australe it is an experimental situation of what doesn’t let us to follow the straight lines of music, might be that its short pages turn into atmospheres to be airless, it is an escape? – nothing yet got a futuristic touch, but we have to arrange those dust particles in a more reliable story line content.

Let’s imagine that we are just zooming on another scale, and we develop new communication technicals, from the beginning we had to give us an argument to tremendous researches, so we can stick together first steps:

Mountainous Crater Rim on Mars | Photo: source
Mars Odyssey All Stars. Chasma Boreale | Photo: source

It’s all belong to our solar system neighbour made out of volcanic basalt soil and iron minerals oxidize from Planum Australe dry iced pole.
We stopped breath and scrolled south few mm on the map of this southern plain which roughly extends southward of 75°S, here Italian scientists using a radar instrument on a Mars orbiter they found a liquid reservoir hidden 1.5 kilometers under the polar ice cap, extending 20 kilometers, then Australe song got its own contour.

Like our terrestrial subglacial lakes in Antarctica we now have that on Mars – “still as the Earth” – the painting behind this amazing landscape in a trip through minerals converted literally music into images.

How did your collaboration with Sergio Ponti went? Will he attend your future live shows as well?

Transparent molecules’ reaction – inevitable great mood, has something unique in recordings sessions which were complete at I.V. Metal Foundry studio – for the moment we just collaborate and firstly he made the invitation as a friend.

We both get joy around Formula 1 Grandprix (hopefully we will get more chances to reach Monaco next season, who knows) – and the studio guys they knew the recipe of where to place the cake so there is a wheel – Sergio just get his foots stick on the pedals for hours like a no sleep bass drum.
Nothing else for now just keep a frozen eye on our social media links.

Have you considered collaborating with others artists as well?

Might be that we’ll get all paths together on the next move, thinking – still thinking who knows (we came to a chance to prepare another moment out of a true hazard), but still need space and orbital qbits to figure it out on the road when and what it will happen – anyway we discuss having a remix interaction.

Behind the glowing stars there are souls, pure souls which I am having the feeling are getting illustrated through our musical landscapes, no matter if they are cold and dry or foggy at the dusk.

Are you working on new material at the moment?

We propelled it, the rest it is out of your/our imagination – remain frozen until then.

Fermi discovers giant gamma-ray bubbles in the Milky Way | Photo: source

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your music career so far?

Each second has its unique gathering in far out spheres, their climates return to nature origins and make me keep walking in the mornings.
Evenings are still dark enough in traverse of their peeks, so I can constantly look after what it supposed to run out of energy – it is the present where memories have their own catchy smell.

I meet someone years ago, doesn’t have anything to do with metal scene – we fuse, people’s rare moments remain forever beneath and above their own cloudy steams.
I can afford futures to overcome those distances to see the wizard in the shadows – looking for that unpredictable loud silence that only lives in empty chords.

If your music was to be taught in school, what do you think the children should learn from it?

The Universe created us and our chaotic movement through what we invented measurement of light it expands with no limit.
Experiment and give free touch to non-existence, young ideas maintain old roots to do not get rotten, and dark skies will always open a better understanding of why we are here.

Hubble Observes One-of-a-Kind Star Nicknamed ‘Nasty’ | Photo: source
Taken Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud | Photo: source

If human mind is related to an energy of the Universe, do you think music is what makes the connections? Discuss on that.

Let’s meet iHuman documentary directed by Tonje Hessen Schei which transcend us into an omnipresent AI membrane, sounds connects us, sounds has given us existence and dig it to create a megastructure spirit, imaginary build it piece by piece where there is only our act and one image remain to look forward.

Feelings? do we expect from them to happen in the near future?
Nor that we are not machines, but we are not having the entire map with us yet to better know where the technology will continue to communicate in a perfect shaped syntagma. The most terrifying thing we haven’t got any clear answer from astro physicists and astro biologist which are afraid to give it a go is what happened – so we are.

No clue at all – infinite worlds gather the evidence, and we’ll not be able to pin a single section, apart from Fibonacci numbers and golden ration which has a mg of foundation in m3 of vast and complex aquatic life from underwater to oceans.

Just close those metrics and have a look at Earths relief and you’ll figure it out by yourself why we are here, look at the global climate nowadays and you’ll understand why we shouldn’t be here, it’s all about chaos, speeding up nothing (a zero motion) and there will be something.

Run to get yourself into another place, there are few of us statics which can’t – despite those pictures we need to get together, in echoes of non-values this unpredictable present sent us to be as simple as we can travel like dust in the air.

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