Interview: Sediment Bruise on Premiering Eastern European Tour

Sediment Bruise officially labels themselves as an alternative pop rock band, so if you’re into this music you most likely have heard of them. The Greek band was created in Thessaloniki, when: Vag Mood (vocals), Michael-Angelo Nikolaidis (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Nick Nikolaidis (guitars), Panagiotis Gianoudis (bass), George Moukos (drums) and […]

(Interview) Get to Know Karina Sinatovici’s Urban Style

Karina (Kssph) is a Romanian photographer based in Timisoara, and we run into her work just recently on Instagram; and what better way to find out about her current artistic process, habits or techniques she has formed then interviewing her. Read more below: Hello, Karina! Thank you for accepting our […]

When Death Makes You Sing. Interview with Stelios Romaliadis (Lüüp)

Throughout history, Death, both phenomenon and character, has been a source of inspiration for many artists. Our friend, Stelios Romaliadis, tells us how Death became the leitmotif of the newest album Lüüp,“Canticles Of The Holy Scythe”. We see death as the symbol of the constant renovation of the Cosmos. CVLTARTES: Hello, old […]

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