With just under two weeks left before the debut full-length from Prog Rockers Kosmodome is set to hit the streets, Karisma Records has today released the third single to be taken from the self-titled album of a band that fans are quickly discovering are prime exponents of energetic, catchy and soulful alternative rock. 

The new single, titled ‘Deadbeat’ could almost a described as a paean to those men who are at best described by modern society as “drifters”, and at worst, “losers”, as the band explains:

Throughout their whole adult lives, these men have been made to feel like failures because they have not lived up to the expectations of having their lives in order. Whilst their peers seem to have their own self-realization and independent lives under control, the self-destructive behavior of these “drifters” causes them to stumble along in the dark. Eventually, they end up on the outer edges of society where life can be too chaotic to handle, making them increasingly vulnerable and helpless.”

Kosmodome, a rising star in the firmament of Norway’s flourishing prog music scene, will blow minds with their psychedelic sounding, 60’s atmosphere-colored rock. 

Originally formed by brothers Sturle (guitars and vocals) and Severin Sandvik (drums), Kosmodome‘s riff-based Rock sound has distinctive Stoner elements, all of which fit very effectively within a progressive framework. By expanding their live lineup with a bassist and guitarist Kosmodome are now able to appear on stage as a four-piece. 

On “Kosmodome”, which will be available in, CD, Digital and limited edition green and black marbled vinyl, the clever songwriting of the Sandvik brothers demonstrate how it is possible to successfully bridge the gap between what is considered to be melodic, and the explosive drive of bands like Mastodon, as they recently explained:

We aim to draw listeners into the “Kosmodome”, in all its diversity. Throughout the album, we dwell in the melodic and the groovy; a baseline for deep dives into massive, heavy soundscapes and spacy atmospheres. Instrumental sections are central to our musical storytelling, further supported by our lyrical themes; introspection and wonder, ruminations on the human condition, and frustrations toward contemporary society.

Kosmodome‘s debut album will be available on the 10th December on CD Digital and Limited Edition Green and Black marbled vinyl and is now available to pre-order from, here.

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