I am a prime example of being caught in a rat race, a cog too much a part of the corporate clockwork. Perhaps that’s why I identify with the timeless concept behind BOG‘s much-anticipated release via Polawa Records on some levels. The EP’s concept stays close and personal to Tim Primbs’ roots. He founded the band as an emotional outlet to cope with several experiences with death, but the latest EP, “Remission,” stays no further from the initial theme.

The album conveys various emotions of grief, despair, and loss by telling the personal story of Tim’s relationship with his father. The now five-person band certainly sees that through to painful fruition. From the opening track ‘Dead End’ to the very last seconds of closer ‘Remission,’ you will experience the right amount of tragedy and atmosphere. Whatever you might try, you cannot find fault with this album.

Being the first release of a planned trilogy, the nearly 30 minutes of “Remission” are painful yet unrelentingly poignant and beautiful. While sad, as you dive into the nine minutes of ‘Dead End,’ you will feel light and darkness growing in your soul. It’s fair to say that ‘Remission’ is BOG‘s best and most intense excursion thus far. The EP is more emotional, mature, and well thought out than its predecessors. The clean vocals on the opening track perfectly match, creating a fantastic song in its bare-bones structure.

Tim says, “my best song, in general, is ‘Dead End’ from our new EP “Remission.” It’s a very personal song, and it’s also my first time singing the clean vocals on a regular release. It was quite a challenging one, but it worked out very well for me in the end“.

‘Clenched are the Charred’ is the record’s centerpiece, surrounded by lunging post metal while shifting gears and voice into heavier territory. With this song, the mood darkens, creating a wall of depression, but the flow and spontaneity unravel with every listens. The intensity of ‘Clenched are the Charred’ offers a surprising staying power. When you reach the last song, “Remission,” you’ll experience ethereal guitar lines and intense growls layered on each other until you are left wholly consumed.

Instrumentally, the EP feels like a swirling melting pot of dark flavors, monochrome colors, and textures. To sum it up, “Remission” needs to be experienced as a whole because, at so many levels, it is a piece of art.

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