I recently received an album from this band and at first sight, it doesn’t say much since I had no idea what’s the deal with it. The Pink Elephants is a psychedelic rock project, at least that’s what they say. “Visions of Troy“, as far as I can comprehend, goes towards an experimental post-punk; “Dancing in a Broken Sky“, the opening song of this EP, makes you wander about post/punk/goth/classic type such as Pink Turns Blue. They aroused my interested so much on this occasion, once being obsessed with this music. Yet the more we listen the more things change. We keep finding more and more influential, more atmospheric, until we reach a psychedelic impasse, such as “Siamese Eyes” that somehow smells of drones. Strange combination, right?

You’d say is a musical bedlam with influences from everywhere that doesn’t go anywhere. It’s not quite so, there is an idea and coherent artistic expression that makes you look more closely to the band. They seem to know the depths of the music they experience. I searched for more details and I enjoyed noticing I was right. Since we’ve mentioned them, let’s see who they are (at least the one responsible for this album; once you’ll check their official Facebook page you’ll notice there are no less than nine members). So:

Peter McNestry – vocals, guitar, drums, synth, drones
Art Pegis – vocals, synth
Nikki Lee – vocals (“circles in the Mind”)

In other news, I’m glad I discovered one more project that gives you the impression that underground is the place where the beautiful things become pure and not yet another boring thing lacking of passion. Cheers!

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