Abraham Fogg is a multi-awarded audio/visual duo, which creates radical dark narrative content for adults. “Metamorphosis”, Grégoire Vaillant and Charles-Edouard Dangelser‘s first EP, is accompanied by a two-part horror short film about the life and work of French contemporary artist Olivier de Sagazan.

Based on the life and work of Olivier de Sagazan, this borderline horror sonic narrative will give you chills even without its visual counterpart. But add the de Sagazan’s performance in this play – he uses clay, papier mache, mud, and paints to create all kinds of avant-garde art -, and you can see why this short film has won over a dozen international awards.

This famous performer, painter, and sculptor have offered fascinating and disturbing creations in the last three decades, dealing with the search for the shamanistic, genetic, and untamable essence of human nature. Sagazan examines his body as well as the structures which come to define the individual such as the dictates of society, culture, and history. Through the creative process, he forges and then peels away layers of clay from his body, until a wild, primordial and liberated individual is laid bare. Burying himself in material, he changes identities on stage, from man to animal to various hybrid creatures, becoming a living work of art.


After studying his life and work, we spent one week in the artist’s home, filming every day an intimate spontaneous performance, with the agenda of tracing various key moments of his life in a narrative, yet poetic allegory of this singular artist. The shooting was an adventure in itself, having each day a 40min “one take only” not knowing exactly what would happen, climbing a 6-meter tree, being a few centimeters away of someone burning himself while chanting, following the rituals of a shamanic sculpture, or running in Saint Nazaire’s mud by night, half-naked and surrounded by unexpected beasts. Each night was a time for infinite talks about human nature in this strange day and age.


“Metamorphosis” was released on May 21st, as a digital and ultra-limited 45′ white-label vinyl edition. The full-length album, titled ‘Blåkulla’ is currently scheduled for November of 2021.

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