Valera Verdro a.k.a. DORIAN is a Russian photographer based in Krasnodar. The artistic outline proposed by the artist combines social elements with the colorful images of the comics. The result? We will see right away!

About this series, the artist declares that: “The title ‘Breakfast of Champions’ is patented by General Mills and appears on a box of breakfast cereal. The title of this photo book, which coincides with this name, is in no way associated with or serves as an advertisement for, General Mills. but also does not tarnish her excellent product. “

In another train of thoughts, Valera says: “This is a very personal shooting for me. On the plane, I sat down to read “Breakfast for Champions” by Kurt Vonnegut and it was already the fifth piece on the topic of mental disorders and self-harm and I realized that I could no longer and I needed to sublimate everything somehow. There, I immediately sketched the storyboard and saw that Rei, like no one else, would fit in here in terms of subject matter and shooting style.”

Photo: (c) Dorian
Model: Rei Ayanami 
MUA: Satella Sunnysmile

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