Livia Fălcaru, illustrator currently living in Bucharest, Romania, is an incredible artist with a sweet tooth for simplicity, color, universe, emotions and the connection between all these.

Her artworks frequently tackle primordial ideas of feminity, fertility and primitive, detoxified existence. In her new series of illustrations, Livia presents a collection of simply labeled – Happy Naked Women and Plants. She says: “Happy naked women and plants is a mini-series about things I like. The illustrations explore two of my favourite things –women and plants”.

The minimal, yet visually delightful series is based on a cycle of supposedly random activities: sleeping naked on the grass under the sky, thinking naked on the grass under the sky, swiming naked under the sky. Quite chill, isn’t it? Have a look:

Check all mini-series here.

Illustrations: Livia Fălcaru

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