Alexandra Butuceanu is a London-based photographer and conceptual artist whose artworks gravitate between ideas like subconsciousness and feelings. Her main cluster of thoughts – poetically called Dust (as in the biblical dust to dust or the esoterical fata morgana), is what other people would consider project. Alexandra thinks that “portal” is a more suitable word for it. She was published in Cultartes Magazine #4 – “Dreams and Nightmares”.

For many stuck at their home during Covid19 lockdown, this would be the longest stretch of their loves, and to some others, these are the most creative of times. The 2 minutes long short film Life in a box revolves around Alexandra’s daily routine.

Life in a box is an experimental short film I did during the lockdown. I shot several sequences during one week in my small apartment in London. It is about routine and trying to stay sane during isolation. Your house becomes the “cell” of your own thoughts. Survive: eat, sleep, start again.”

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