What seems to be really outstanding is that black and white photography erases time from the equation. It’s so simple to compare an amazing black and white image that was shot today to one from the 1960s.

The power of telling stories in monochrome.

Italy fine art photographer and contemporary ceramic designer Maria Chirco wows us with these moody and evocative monochrome images and photo stories: she captured the quarantined life on the island of Malta. She has been working with photography for more than 18 years, when she started to love painting and learned how to use photo cameras. She lived five years in Nuremberg and the German experience has certainly been the most important growing point to her artistic path.

Her photos are realized mainly with the use of analogue cameras and manual darkroom development. Seeing it all through her monochrome lens, Maria’s surroundings provide her with new perspective daily.

Extra photos from Maria’s last Artist Book “The Maltese Loneliness”

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