It’s not the first time we intersected with Karafizi‘s music. A couple of years back, one of our collaborators interviewed the Moldovan singer and songwriter of Bulgarian descent. Since 2019, she has toured with Parov Stelar across Europe and beyond. She launched her solo project in 2020, releasing the single ‘Acid Love‘ from her debut EP “Remember.” She continues to create music and explore artistic directions for her solo career.

The artist has recently released a new single ‘Focused on Myself,’ an introspective exploration of self-reflection and independence. I got fully consumed by Karafizi and her insightful lyrics all wrapped up so beautifully in an indie pop box. A perfect example of her journey of self-discovery and affirmation of her artistic identity can be observed in this piece. With captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Focused on Myself‘ stands out for its honest and thoughtful approach to personal and professional growth.

Her single seems even bigger than any other track before. You can immediately tell where she is and where she’s heading. Once we hit play, we couldn’t turn it off. It is no exaggeration to say that the euphoric state that comes with listening to a rather melancholic yet uplifting track is mesmerizing and addictive, and she certainly nails everything that makes indie pop music so sublime.

Like any dedicated artist, Karafizi is committed to sharing her story, pouring her life experiences and feelings into these meaningful lyrics. She’s not afraid to release material that feels so personal, nor ever worry about how much she reveals to her listeners.

The track starts with a vibrant tone that simmers into hypnotic bliss that explodes into excitement when it gets accompanied by an R&B-like dance beat. With a top-notch performance, highlighting Karafizi‘s incredible vocal range, as well as the hypnotic elements of her musical accompaniment, you will find yourself immersed and wanting more.

An engaging vocal melody is supported by a glistening beat and a propulsive rhythm, culminating in an anthemic chorus designed to be sung back. It’s both comfortably familiar and revitalizing at the same time – the sound of an artist confidently progressing while staying true to what made her so magnetic in the first place.

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