A piece of ambient, electronic, and jazz wizardry, Carrie Armitage’s fingerprints run deep through this mystical journey – beautiful textures, captivating melodies, and foreboding atmospheres. The Carrie Armitage Quartet‘s self-titled album shows a tremendous wealth of swirling melodies, ambient-related but more clever rhythms, and glittering jazz textures that oscillate between joy and exuberance on the one hand or augment the mystique and tranquility on the other. A whopping amount of 15 tracks is included, and the atmosphere differs yet again.

Music can put you into another realm, plane, or mindset, and this album is full of surprises, with psychedelic stylish turns and twists. When you look at the track titles and take a moment to absorb the meanings, you will have a better idea of what the artist is trying to convey, and you will understand that the whole musical journey will take you on a cosmic journey.

The first part of the album, including tracks such as ‘Ambient Orbit,’ ‘The Dreaming Light,’ ‘Planet 9,’ and ‘The Crystal Forest‘, is upbeat and hectic, evoking a movement through colorful landscapes without being overly frantic. As ambient-esque eclecticism mixes with psychedelic pad accompaniments, spectral storms weave a perfect ambiance and provide a sense of mystery to the composition. If you really pay attention to the record, right from the beginning, it will take you to any place that you please. All of the tracks on the album blend well together, but each stands on its own, distinct from the others.

With Carrie’s sweet vocals making their way into the record, the overall atmosphere transforms into a musical odyssey that transcends genres, a masterful fusion of electronic, classical, and jazz elements. Take ‘Figments’ for example. It may put another spin on your thoughts about what happens when we leave our physical bodies and enter another eternal existence without the limitations of a physical body to hold us.

We have yet again reached the point where the album gets even better. The middle tracks, such as ‘Nightingale,’ ‘Orbit L2,’ ‘Star Men‘, and ‘Nocturne‘ are real treats and oscillate between gorgeous melodies and sun-soaked exotic percussion. Guitars, piano, and electronics are meticulously arranged, with original melodies and arrangements, creating a cosmos of rare beauty, while bass grooves and drums give the compositions an anchor of pulsing energy.

Carrie Armitage is clearly having fun. The very existence of these tracks is translated into synaesthesia. Close one’s eyes and one can visualize the orange and slate blue colors of “The Carrie Armitage Quartet,” as well as cosmic flowers and tendrils. As we explore the final five pieces of the album, it feels more like a honeymoon for the marriage between electronic textures and ambient jazz. ‘As The Crow Flies,’ ‘Flying Colours,‘ and ‘Natural World‘ offer the perfect glimpse into the album’s diverse sonic palette, oscillating between light and melodic compositions and deeper, more introspective soundscapes.

Notable tracks include ‘Aria Vespertine,‘ ‘As The Crow Flies,’ and ‘Natural World‘ which features a balladic melody in an ambient electro dreamscape. This isn’t music for drifting off or zoning out to. Instead, the album feels slow yet rich, like life.

The album pretty much serves as a testament to the fluidity of music, transcending traditional genre boundaries and inviting listeners on a profound and evocative journey. Each track on the album is meticulously crafted to elicit a range of emotions, inviting listeners to explore the existential themes that permeate its sonic landscape. Bringing both artistry and technical skill to her music, Carrie captures audiences with her innovative approach and unwavering passion. Playful at times and with its seamless fusion of ambient textures, electronic beats, and emotive melodies, the album promises to leave a lasting impression, solidifying Armitage’s status as a visionary artist in the music landscape.

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