Long-time friends and songwriting duo Eb & Hal have won Best Album of the Year at the 35th New Mexico Music Awards for their “On My Way Home” album. They received six total nominations and also won Best Mastering Engineer (Andy Rogulich).

On My Way Home” was written during Covid-19 when most of the planet was suffering. Our songs became about love, hope, gratitude and conversely the loss of our loved ones,” says Eb & Hal. “This album is full of our heart and soul and brings music that makes you feel, think, dance and smile. We are so honored to be recognized by this prestigious organization.”

Although “On My Way Home” is fantastic musically, with 13 tracks having melodies that grow on you, the compelling lyrics with such humanity stand out and are its strength. The acoustic guitars pounding out the rhythms and the soft vocals make the album feel like a hypnotic concoction, like shaking hands with old-time friends. Moreover, there is a great variety in every song here, both musically and lyrically, that nonetheless falls perfectly in the Americana corner.

On My Way Home” has a calming and soothing quality without being soporific; your heartbeat and blood pressure drop as you listen. There are many lyrical moments of subtlety on the record, with a fine wit on show, sometimes wry, sometimes sharp, and sometimes with great empathy for the characters who inhabit these 13 songs.

This is a hugely enjoyable record, track after track hitting the mark, beautifully performed, and then mixed to perfection. ‘I’m on My Way Home‘ and ‘Can’t Run Away From Love‘ are my top favorite, as they have the required country feel. Still, the guitars, choruses, and arrangements are all ideally combined to create a whole new Americana music listening experience. It’s an album to welcome into your life with open arms, full of music that has warmth and joy.

Song after glorious song pours forth, often feeling to end too soon and leaving the listener wanting for more. A reassuring and comforting gift to the world, bringing hope in times of uncertainty. Exactly what we need.

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