NOVELISTS welcomes France’s top guitarist Pierre Danelas a permanent member of the band and introduce him in their new single, blending BMTH influences with tons of guitar solos.

NOVELISTS’ sound has always been explosive, and the new single ‘Smoke Signals’ is yet another proof of that. The band creates a modern rock sound that kicks in with its energy and allows the chorus to stand out with its clarity.

The outstanding performance of vocalist Tobias Rische, the groovy breaks, and the band’s usual guitar magic transforms ‘Smoke Signals’ into a song filled with details one simply can’t get enough of. This is a veritable heavy-rotation track where massive riffs and catchy choruses manage to blend perfectly in the new single ‘Smoke Signals’

Nicolas Delastrade states: “Guitar has always been a significant part of the band, and although the “riffs” have taken a step back in our most recent materials, we still value the instrument more than ever. We have decided to approach it differently, experimenting deeper into the sound of it and letting it shine through guitar solos instead of intricate riffs buried under the vocals. When it was time to get a second guitarist into the band, we thought, who else than Pierre, France’s most talented and versatile player – although he is too humble to ever admit it! 

Pierre has also been a close friend of ours for the past ten years, and he is bringing a lot to the band on a human level, always happy and full of energy! It really was a no-brainer, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him as a permanent member”. 

In their upcoming album NOVELISTS once again step up their game on “Déjà Vu” and will deliver their strongest and most convincing and genuine material to date. And, NOVELISTS never showboat for their own sake. Instead, they tie their technicality and virtuosity in as a strength in their songwriting which sets them apart from the pack.

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