DEINE LAKAIEN has released a lyric video for the song ‘Unknown Friend’ as the sixth single taken from their forthcoming double album, tellingly entitled “Dual”, which is scheduled for release on April 16, 2021.

Corresponding the overarching concept of an inspirational “cause and effect”, which is the fundamental idea behind this double album, ‘Unknown Friend’ represents the duo’s musical “reply” to the previously released KANSAS classic ‘Dust in the Wind’. Please find more in-depth details regarding “Dual” and the artistic aspects behind this masterpiece below. 


“The decision to turn ‘Unknown Friend’ into the lyrical mirror image of Kansas’ ‘Dust in the Wind’ came very quickly to me’, tells the singing poet Alexander Veljanov. “Both songs are based on a theme that poses the question, what will remain at the end, after we have lived our lives and how we have experienced our existence and what have we made out of it.”

Ernst Horn complements this statement with his view: “A similar harmonic and calm mood builds the musical connection between turn ‘Unknown Friend’ and ‘Dust in the Wind’, which both feature a melancholic melody in the verse and then ascend into a motionless soundscape”, the composer adds his perspective. “The key sounds provided by Sitar and the ethereal synths coming from my beloved old PPG Wave 2.2 underline the peaceful tranquillity of these tracks. Again, this is an invitation to a distant ream of dreams. Yet as opposed to the symbol of transience represented by ‘Dust in the Wind’, ‘Unknown Friend’ is meant to stand for reaching the point of determination regarding our inner destiny.”

DEINE LAKAIEN are a German cultural icon. In their home country where the artificial distinction between “serious and popular music” is still maintained, the legendary electronic avantgarde duo has managed the rare feat of being accepted as serious artists as well as proving to be highly popular.

With their 10th studio full-length, “Dual”, classically-educated composer and pianist Ernst Horn and vocalist extraordinaire Alexander Veljanov ingeniously contrives to blur the fictional lines drawn by editorial gatekeepers in a conceptual double album, which connects both full-lengths by a double reference.

DEINE LAKAIEN has been confirmed for one of their legendary acoustic sets at Prophecy Fest in the label’s 25th anniversary year 2021 taking place at the natural Cave of Balve, Germany from Thursday, September 9 to Saturday, September 11.

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All photos: (c) Joerg Grosse-Geldermann