Romanian fine art photographer and Co-Founder of Developing Art Association Alina Ușurelu is delving into the themes of identity, intimacy and sexuality. She recently has shared her newest series ‘Confession‘ from the ongoing project ‘Don’t bite your tongue‘ with CVLTARTES.

As the title may suggests, the series ‘investigates the perceptions around sexuality through collecting personal stories, creating contexts of auto-reflection and questioning the filters that we have and those we don’t during the discovery of our sexual and gender identities.‘ By zooming in on details, Alina features mostly nude subjects in serene natural settings or positioned poetically in dimly lot rooms. Additionally, the ways in which light and shadows fall on the human body seem to be an important aspect of her photographs: we can see she’s focusing on photographing flowers or ice cubes — but the frames beautifully highlight the soft tones of body close-ups.

I believe that it is necessary for an artist to develop multilaterally in order to explore the self and the connectivity characterizing our world. If one’s perception is confined to their own subjectivity, entrenched in the mundane reality of daily struggle, one cannot observe and investigate the complex realities of our interconnected, but deeply divided world.‘ – Alina Ușurelu


  • A research about perceptions of sexuality, ours and others’
  • An invitation to auto-reflect on the discourse of sexual identity
  • A performative installation which constructs a revealing perspective on sexuality

The team made up of a visual artist, a choreographer, 5 performers, a sound designer and a scenographer, aim to normalize the public speech about sexuality and to create a series of calls through which they can collect stories from people. ‘Don’t Bite Your Tongue’ will result in different modes of artistic representation: a performative installation in which the theme is explored through text, sound, image, body and object; a dance film in which body parts will become characters talking about sex and a booklet with collected stories about sexuality.

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See ‘Don’t bite your tongue’ full team here.

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