Fashion and photography have evolved hand in hand through time, it’s just a match made in heaven, whatever the photographs are realistic or not. The photographer I want to talk to you about today is Dan Moga, a Cluj-based artist and while his images reflect his artistic side, he also tries to translate his works into products people can buy.

This world of fashion photography started with the foundation of the two key publications, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue in the late 1800s. Everything since then is considered to be one of the most creative fields, where you can play with light, clothes or postures in order to create majestic pieces.

But let’s get back to Dan, since he’s in the spotlight now. I follow him for a while now and what amazed me the most is his vintage, dreamy-like scenarios; not to mention his absolutely splendid way of storytelling, inserting quotes here and there on Instagram, sharing his inside thoughts. I simply adore how his images focuse on light and the models’ postures, captivating their best features.

All copyrights: Dan Moga

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