Alexandra von Fuerst is an Italian born, Paris based photographer whose work focuses on female body and its perception. Her work “aims to blend art and fashion photography in a celebration of the female form in its deepest essence.” It is pure curiosity and joy to watch Alexandra’s work, since it walks you from bizarre photography to a beautiful study of shapes and bodies. This emotional roller-coaster pushes the boundaries, reaching into abstraction.

Desires and obsessions transmute in an elegant aesthetic of textures and shapes, exploring perceptions of reality and the meaning behind pleasure and rejection. In the surreal space I like to create around me, my photographs often abstract the subject to challenge the perception of the image itself and create new meaning to its original context. In the exploration of femininity, my work maintains a focus on sexuality and the beauty living in the perfect imperfections of nature. (Source)

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All copyrights: Alexandra von Fuerst

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.