Luana Maria Seu is a Romanian actress based in New York City. She graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and, back home, she workes in the National Theater of Cluj Napoca or Studio 24 Theater.
‘Incapsulamento di Quarantena” is a project focused on 14 days of portraits. She told us: ‘I started this project while I was in my 8th quarantine because I had the opportunity to travel for work so anytime I would come back from somewhere I had to isolate ) this time at home with my parents. My hometown was always a place where I get overwhelmed with memories and the feeling of “ never growing up” so a big part of my choices had to do with this feeling of being a kid on the playground of life but sheltered in the comfort of my home. I challenged myself to come with a new idea every day, like a sacred ritual.

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The diversity of takes on a single poem is what keeps our minds inspired. For 14 days and 14 poems, the Romanian artist applies an ethereal tone to her portraits, often shooting in black and white. We’ve seen beautiful, clean, and powerful photographs. The final result is captivating in its grace and fluidity.

I would say that no matter how I am feeling today- the portrait will be taken, and not only I will take it but I will do my absolute best to find a better concept. To push me, to have that slight feeling of “ growing “ as a visual artist. The first time I posted the portrait, attached with the poem, I could tell that maybe the poem won’t impact anyone without being connected to the concept of the image. So I discovered something new every day. Attaching my most intimate poems to the picture and mostly to connect the concept of the picture with the poem was as if I was showing my soul on a social media platform but with elegance and need to share “ my new craft “- portraiture. And poetry? Is my safest place on earth to go. I like to call it an “unseen guardian angel”.

14 days
14 portraits
14 different concepts
14 poems
14 “how is done” videos
14 daily promises

All copyrights: Luana Maria Seu

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