Valse Noot is a free noise rock quartet from Brest, France. Valse Noot doesn’t just rip the face off, it also attacks the brain, because the disturbed rock of this band, somewhere between Fugazi’s Zappa and Lizard’s Jesus, sounds as if the Joker has gone into “free rock noise”.

Madness reigns everywhere on the new album ‘Utter Contempt’, and if the sound is dense and the compositions set like precision bombs, it does not crush the poisonous atmosphere and the carnivalesque inquiry of their lunatic asylum where possessed voices, drill-drilling guitars, sanding recorders, and a whole arsenal of noise ultra blunt, for a post-hardcore with experimental accents, structures as rigorous as twisted, with devastating power.

The result: a twisted brain, in the clockwise direction of real watches, the ones that don’t tell the time at all but ring out when everyone has forgotten how urgent it is to wake up.

‘Utter contempt’, out January 22nd, 2021 on Atypeek music, Ideal crash, Vollmer Industries, Super Apes, French wine records & Offoron records.

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