As if everyone wasn’t already in love with singer Radu Oscaciuc‘s broken, pleading voice, he had to go and offer the perfect adaptation of ‘Just a little bit‘. You can see right from the start that Dimitri’s Bats are fully invested with this song. The passion flows with every line, yet it’s not the typical track of rock, pop obsessive; the song easily transforms into a dreamy, funky, indie song with its ’70s swagger. First thing that stood out for me was the playful and unruly concept, while the primordial instincts in this song command body movements. Furthermore, there seems to be something infectious about this song and, it all lies in the production. Every sound in ‘Just a little bit‘ is almost tangibly sweet, as if you could take a bite of it and taste its candy flavor.

The vocals slide right in and carry the song into the beautiful lyrics and Oscaciuc’s voice has a soft, gently raspy quality that is simply delightful. It lends a subtle romantic sadness to the song. While the music video is quite simple, the idea captures everything there is to love about the band’s personality.

Dimitri’s Bats is a 5 piece originating from Bucharest with rock, pop, hip-hop and electronic influences. Dimitri’s Bats are Radu Osaciuc, Marius Acsintoaie, Cristian Drimba, Andrei Costache and Andrei Dragusanu.

Music video for the track ‘Just a little bit’ off of Mess by Dimitri’s Bats.

Mixed by Mircea Moldovan

Hairstylist: Mihai Badin

Produced by Radu Osaciuc

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