FRIG is the project you don’t know enough about yet, but when it first starts its journey around your mind, it successfully arouses misunderstood infinities. A journey between worlds, both human and cosmic, while their sound is a spaceship that takes you without fail in places where the universal spirit and the solar energy become an expression of individual’s inner expansion. Thus, we are speaking about music that wonders through constellations of genres and subgenres, seeking for its place and sipping inspiration in hope to define its style. FRIG‘s unique, stylistic approach with avant-garde vocals and complex instrumentation transforms the post-rock into a consciously industrial rock, similar to an interstellar march that easily enrolls you in its principles and ideology.

Australe‘ is FRIG‘s newest composition, a collaboration with Sergio Ponti, a drummer with an extremely varied activity and a meticulous professionalism. Before being a simple embodiment of a song, ‘Australe‘ is a form of experimentation and overcoming any forms of artistic fencing; an attempt of going beyond the limits, like a venturesome from other times. With a powerful wrapped instrumentation and prog settlements in alert tones and post-rock touches, all combined are carefully placed just to not be forgotten by its primordial subject.

The image and the sound are the mains forms of information and it seems the boys have realized quickly and beside the music they deliver, ‘Australe‘ received a carefully crafted visual framing. The music video has such a high quality and it comes as a perfect extension of the sound, like they were created together, as if they depend on each other, like a living organism.

The song ‘Australe‘ from ‘genOm‘ EP.

Mix&Master: Enrico Tiberi

Graphic elements & pre video footage production: Marius Gherasim

Pre-edit & graphic elements: Andrei Ionut

Graphic Designer: DHOPEdesign

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